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Center for Site Location Assistance is your one-stop, confidential professional relocation service provider.
CSLA is your professional and confidential corporate site location firm.

CSLA is your professional and confidential site location assistance. Our team of site location professionals are able to provide you with everything from finding the perfect site to incentives to employment services. Our corporate sponsors provide financial support, but allow CSLA complete autonomy. Our certified municipal site location partners work to provide you with all of the tools and assets you need.

Once you have submitted your information, our team will mobilize to provide you with 100% confidential services. You will receive free preliminary proposals that you can then act on. Our team of site location specialists will guide you through the entire process.

Contact us at bob@sitelocationcenter.com.

  • Confidential

    Your identity and that of your project is kept in the strictest confidence.

  • 100% free

    Our services are entirely free to relocating and expanding companies.

  • 50 States

    We provide services to the entire United States

  • Expansion Allies

    Service providers including municipal representatives, site locators, real estate professionals, and logistics.

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Please feel free to contact us. All correspondence are 100% confidential.

our focus

We offer you the services that your firm needs to epxand or relocate quickly, profitably, and confidentially.
site location

100% free and confidential site location services across all 50 states. Working with site locators, commercial real estate agents, local economic developers, and state-level funding sources.

incentive searches

With resources ranging from federal to state to local, CSLA is able to bring you the best incentive packages in the world. Possibly millions in tax credits, free land, and even cash.

Team of professionals

We provide a free public-private team to help you gather everything you need for your relocation or expansion. From the land to the money to hiring, we have the experts that you need to get the job done RIGHT!

100% Confidential

Your company name and contact information is kept in the strictest confidence by CSLA. Our partners are only given anonymous details and code names.

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