The Center for Site Location Assistance – A New Free Service

The Center for Site Location Assistance (CSLA) provides free and confidential site location services to industrial, commercial, office, and retail businesses.

We are proud to offer an array of services brought to you by our certified partners:

All 50 states of site location services.

CSLA provides free site location services in all 50 states.

  • Municipal relocation experts – Our team of economic development leaders are paid to provide you with everything you need to expand or relocate your business. They can provide incentive packages, free land, education and site services, and much more.
  • Global Trade Magazine – An internationally recognized magazine that tracks the pulse of business around the world. Global Trade is able to provide our team with international resources only available to thought leaders.
  • World Economic Development Alliance – WEDA provides a team of economic development advisors that help to shop your project around the entire US. Tell us where you might want to go and you will receive proposal from local and state economic development professionals, anonymously.
  • Site locators – Professionals in the site location and negotiation business, our site location team is able to represent you and your concerns in real estate transactions.
  • Incentive negotiators – Our team of incentive negotiators are able to find and win you incentives on a scale that can only be truly done by experienced professionals
  • Commercial real estate brokers – Rapid and thorough national searches can be conducted by our team of real estate brokers. ¬†They can provide you with a huge selection of possible locations.

CSLA has assembled this team that works to provide you with all of our services – free and confidential.

2 thoughts on “The Center for Site Location Assistance – A New Free Service

  • Creating Jobs for America is such a critical factor in growing a healthy economy. Jobs translate to homes, purchases, and trickle down economics that make an impact. It is reported that one new job created in a community can have an overall impact of $500,000+ over a 7 year period. The Center for Site Location Assistance should be applauded for playing a role in helping companies get in direct contact with people and locations that can be trusted and make a difference. Well done!

  • CLSA is a wonderful organization that will play a key role in helping expanding companies get in contact with the right trusted professionals! We are very pleased to be a corporate sponsor of this organization and looking forward to a very fruitful and long-term relationship with CSLA!

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