June 28, 2016

Corporate Sponsors

The Center for Site Location Assistance is funded by corporate sponsorships. There sponsorships entitled our partner companies to access to our expansion proposals, excluding any identifying information until such time that the expanding company indicates a desire to be identified.



WEDA, the World Economic Development Alliance, is a full service economic development consulting firm. From marketing to lead generation, print media to online advertising, no other company can offer you the experience and depth of understanding that WEDA can.

Eric Kleinsorge

CEO, World Economic Development Alliance



800-632-9332, Ext. 1



Global Trade is a media brand focused on domestic and global expansion processes, logistics efficiencies, strategic location, information technology and intelligent banking solutions for U.S. manufacturers that export and their logistics partners. Global Trade’s unique brand of business journalism eschews the cold, mechanical style that plagues B2B media, opting instead to capture the imaginations of business decision makers with a vibrant, compelling print and interactive digital platform that business leaders find indispensable to growing their companies in today’s global business environment.

Drew Lawler

CEO, Abundant Life Media



949.650.0431 ext. 202